Do You Shop For Events That Might Not Even Happen?

The first time it happened I was 26 years old and at a sample sale for a designer known for well-cut, form-fitting comfortwear. I had tried on a black jersey dress with a body-hugging silhouette, and surprised myself with the thought that it’d look amazing on a pregnant body and I should perhaps purchase it for that one-day purpose.

I don’t even know if I want to have kids, ever, so feeling compelled to purchase this dress should a pregnancy occur in five or ten years was pretty weird, yet somehow made perfect sense to me. I couldn’t deny the fact that this was the perfect maternity dress—insanely soft, black, uniquely cut with an alluring neckline. I knew that if and when the time came for me to need it, my future self would thank my present self for getting it while I could. Logic.

Great pieces are great pieces, I continued. It’s never not worth it to buy them while you can. Plus—and here’s the thing—I loved it, could wear it even if I wasn’t pregnant, and it was a great price, so what was the big deal?

Additionally, was it that crazy to keep something hanging in my closet for a few years if I knew I’d wear it if and when the event-that-might-not-even-happen did, in fact, happen? I thought about how cool it would be to turn some future age at which I might be pregnant and pull the item my earlier-me had bought out from the closet to finally fulfill its purpose. I call that preparation.

The truth? Despite that very rational thought process, I didn’t end up buying the dress that day. But, in Carrie Bradshaw style, it got me thinking: Do other people do this?

The second time I was compelled to purchase something for an event that might not even happen was upon seeing a gorgeous dress I knew would be perfect for a tropical honeymoon.

 The caveat with this strange shopping urge is I don’t go shopping for a TBD event. I never head out with the intent to shop for my nonexistent honeymoon. The only time I think about making a “one-day” purchase is when an item presents itself as being perfect for something that will likely materialize one day down the road, like a honeymoon, best friend’s wedding, pregnancy, and so on. In other words, I’m not buying things left and right for the day I get invited to be Matthew McConaughey’s date to the Academy Awards and storing them in a hoarder’s chest for highly improbable events.

Still, am I the weirdest person ever or do other people do this too? Please let me know in the comments below, and click through for a roundup of items to shop for events that may or may not be happening in your near future. 

Theory Lousine Crepe Blazer ($415)

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