This Is What I Wear to Stay Cool in the NYC Heat

I’ve always had an extremely low tolerance for warm weather. But rather than clinging to my air conditioner unit for dear life as we enter these scorching summer months, I’m going for a less dramatic approach to beating the heat this time around: the open back.

Opting for a blouse or dress with an open back (e.g., cutouts, ties, or altogether backlessness) is like wearing a built-in air conditioner. Gusts of wind feel more amazing, and it looks effortlessly attractive, too. If you’re wondering what to do about the bra situation, I recommend either snagging a piece that has a lower cutout or just wearing a bra you don’t mind showing off! Headed to the office? Bring a jacket you can simply layer on top after your backless walk to work.

See below to shop my picks, and tell me what you think of this look for summer in the comments at the end.