Excuse Me—Do These Baby Clothes Come in Adult Sizes?

We've all been there: innocently strolling through a department store wandering from shoes to bags when suddenly we stumble into the kids' clothing section, only to be mesmerized by how unbearably cute all the miniature pieces are. Did you even know they made shoes that small? It seems impossible that at one point we were all so tiny, but it's true—and everything looks even cuter in baby sizes.

Whether you're a new parent (congrats!) or loving aunt looking to dress the kid in your life or you just want another reason to ooh and ah today, we've scoured the kids' section to find the most adorable brands making clothes for wee ones. Warning: Some of these are so trendy you might just find yourself googling "adult-size leopard coat" or "Can adults wear tutus?"

From French-inspired goods to cool unisex options, these 4 baby clothes lines are so cute we kind of need them in our own sizes, too. Keep reading to shop for the little ones!