This Is Exactly Why the Over-60 Set Is So Important to Fashion

While we're not shy about our appreciation for stylish older ladies here at Who What Wear, they could still use a lot more love from the fashion industry as a whole. To wit: A new in-depth article from The Economist details exactly how important the over-60 set is to the industry. 

"Those over 60 constitute the fastest-growing group in the populations of rich countries," the article explains, "With their number set to increase by more than a third by 2030, from 164 [million] to 222 [million]. Older consumers are also the richest thanks to house-price inflation and generous pensions. The over-60s currently spend some $4 trillion a year and that number will only grow."

Despite these impressive numbers, The Economist explains that companies have not taken been taking advantage of the older generation's spending potential. "Companies have been relatively slow to focus on this expanding market...The Boston Consulting Group calculates that less than 15% of firms have developed a business strategy focused on the elderly." Let's hope that the fashion industry will catch on sooner rather than later—after all, we're firm believers that your style only gets better as you age. 

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