Can You Actually Work Out in These Jeans?

Working out in jeans may not be an activity that has ever crossed your mind, but now you have the chance to give it a try, thanks to AYR’s new Flex Tech jeans with ISKO denim technology. The denim brand’s latest pants are somewhere between your favorite true blues and workout leggings—they’re fitted and stretchy but feel a little more put-together than your go-to gym wear.

So what’s it like to actually break a sweat in them? We gave it a spin and found they’re actually pretty awesome for a low-key sweat session. That’s why it makes total sense that AYR teamed up with popular NYC studio ModelFit and ballerina Suzanne Diaz to show off the new style. Check out a few of the shots below, and shop the jeans made for women on the go!

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Would you work out in jeans? Let us know in the comments below!