Yikes: This Is the Average Cost of a Wedding in the U.S.

As if planning a wedding wasn't anxiety-ridden enough, a new study proves that ceremonies have gotten more expensive than ever. 

As Elle reported, The Knot surveyed 18,000 brides who got married in 2015 to come up some mind-boggling financial statistics. According to the findings, the average cost of a wedding last year was a whopping $32,641—and that's excluding the honeymoon. If you're in Manhattan, the average cost jumps up to $82,299, while Alaskans spend just $17,361, which is the lowest average in the U.S. 

As for engagement rings, The Knot's report says the average cost was $5871. In other words, you better have a hefty savings account if you want to get engaged. 

Head over to The Knot to check out the rest of the statistics, and scroll down to shop engagement rings and bridesmaid dresses!

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Opening Image: Getty Images