An Expert Told Us the #1 Trends Millennials Love Now

When Joyce Azria created her new brand, Avec Les Filles, she knew exactly the type of customer she wanted to cater to: the millennial. "As a millennial, I really felt like no brand understood the way I shop and no brand addressed who I was as a customer," Azria told Who What Wear, "so I was really honored to take this opportunity and show what I think the millennial loves."

So what exactly are they loving right now? When we asked Azria about the generation's current favorite trend, she pointed to a playful look that's perfectly in keeping with the statement sleeve trend of 2017: ruffles. "This spring, I would say ruffled tops are a huge trend," she told us, like "a ruffled long-sleeve blouse, woven top, or button-down shirt." Of course, Avec Les Filles has the perfect piece to test-drive the trend: the Ruffled Sleeve Top, which rings in at a reasonable $58.

Speaking of prices, Azria was very strategic when it came to setting price points for different parts of her brand. "The clothing items are all at an entry price point of under $100, but the line does stretch up to $595 in the apparel collection—so it's a high-low mix that's really in line with who [the millennial girl is] and how she dresses."

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