The One Piece Australian Girls Never Pack in Their Summer Bags



Over the years, Australia’s fashion scene grown rapidly, thanks to on-the-rise brands such as Dion Lee, Zulu & Zephyr, and Matteau. The chic silhouettes and modern swimwear are frequently worn by fashionable women everywhere. But it is the native Aussie fashion girls who have particularly caught our eye—they manage to always look effortlessly stylish and summer-ready. Whether they’re running around Sydney harbor or soaking up the sun at Byron Bay, their warm-weather outfits are always on point.

Curious about their vacation style, we decided to ask the masters of beach chic exactly which items they routinely pack in their summer bags and which pieces they leave behind. Turns out, Australian girls are all about comfort and practicality. While they still wear the latest trends, these girls prioritize flattering, simplistic fashion. They constantly rotate well-fitted dresses, monochrome bikinis, and high-quality fabrics through their everyday wardrobes. One thing’s for sure—Australian girls have mastered effortless chic.

Keep reading to find out what four Australian women pack in their summer bags and the pieces they always leave behind.