A Conversation Between Two of Australia's Top Fashion Influencers

Hermione Underwood and Nadia Fairfax are two names in the Australian fashion scene that you're most certainly acquainted with. They've been friends for more than a decade, long before the world of social media, even though it's these very platforms that have helped carve out their successful careers.

With experience ranging from public relations, to styling, brand consulting, travel blogging, and even gymnastics, these two are armed with a wealth of knowledge, and it was only a matter of time until they came together and collaborated.

In 2016, Underwood launched jewellery label Atelier Romy with co-founder Sabine Roemer—a label devoted to classic pieces you can wear in your every day. 

Underwood, with her PR background and decade-long career in fashion, understands the power of a collaboration, and reached out to Fairfax for the start of their #ARxNF partnership. The first piece? A pair of oversized earrings. A nod to #NadiasEarringObsession.

To celebrate the launch of the collection, we asked Underwood to interview Fairfax for us. Keep scrolling to read all about their adventures, and what they think of the term "influencer".


Nadia Fairfax

Pictured: Hermione Underwood and Nadia Fairfax 

Hermione Underwood: Well hello Ms. Fairfax.

Nadia Fairfax: Underwood.

HU: Delightful to interview you today, mate.

NF: And you, ERKMOINE.

HU: So Nadia, what does being an influencer mean to you?

NF: Straight into the tricky questions! Truthfully, it’s just me being me. If people like my style, where I go, what I’m doing, well that’s really cool and a bonus. But I’m just being me.

HU: I agree, but you do undersell yourself. You’re so good at it! And so professional. It’s somewhat the same for me. I just love taking pictures and sharing my days along the way. It’s nice to look back at your experiences.

NF: And to interact with people that you know and those you don’t. Particularly those that appreciate what you do and ask you for advice.

HU: That’s so true. People are so nice on Instagram, particularly.

NF: My question. Herms, do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?

HU: Why does selling yourself as an entrepreneur feel uncomfortable? I have my own businesses and an entrepreneur visa to the U.K. so… yes. Anyway, quickly, lets move on from that to something we both love: Travel! What do you love about travelling with me, Fairy?

NF: It’s fun! Well, actually, I’m the fun one. It’s nice to travel with you Herms because you pull me into line and make me do some work along the way.

HU: And it’s nice to travel with you Nards because you have an electric energy, and push me into unexpected circumstances I think you’ve even shockingly dragged me out to a few Parisian bars…?!

NF: AND CLUBS! And remember that speakeasy bar we found in Puglia? That’s definitely one of the best trips we’ve taken.

HU: (Laughs) Ummm, how could I forget?! You’re right, we’re a good combo because you push me out of my comfort zone and drag me away from my computer. Rome next? Venice?

NF: Both. Obviously.

HU: Nadia, tell me about working with brands, collaborating, and being an ambassador for different brands?

NF: That’s the highlight of what I do, being creative with people I respect in business. That was what I enjoyed most about our Atelier Romy collaboration. I trust you and Sabine. Working with you both was easy, and so much more honest. I know I can be completely real. Because I didn’t hold back, and there are no niceties. I feel like it was faster to get to a finished product that we all loved.

HU: So true… And I could harass you because you’re my friend and I love you.

NF: I’m well aware you’ll keep harassing me with future designs.

HU: Glad you’re in the know. Now, Nadia, tell me about your style. I’ve watched it evolve in the past decade.

NF: It’s evolving every day! That’s the best part about fashion. It’s a form of art and allows you to play a different character every day. I don’t think I have a particular style. One day I want to dress like a tennis star from the ’80s and the next I want to dress up as Catwoman!

HU: You are crazy.

NF: I know. Herms, tell me what’s next for you?

HU: I fly back to London in a few days… Sabine and I have a Portobello Road pop-up and events before Christmas. It’s really exciting to see the brand evolve and come to life.

NF: And we get to keep working on our next ARxNF designs! Should we shoot the next collection somewhere fabulous?

HU: Rome?

NF: Done.


Atelier Romy

Opening image: Getty Images

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