5 Foolproof Tips to Make Your Investment Pieces Last for Years

It’s a fashion girl's worst nightmare… You spend months and months saving up for that designer investment piece you’ve been coveting, only to have it fall apart faster than you can say “permanent press.” As we often learn the hard way, getting our money’s worth out of our pricey pieces and ensuring that they last season after season involves a bit of extra effort—but it’s worth it, advises Erica Choi, founder of the fashion blog Egg Canvas.

“Over time, as I continue to build up a core wardrobe of key items, it’s important that they last,” she explains. “I choose quality over quantity, and that means every piece is worth the care and consideration.” Choi follows a series of steps to ensure that her garments stand the test of time, the most important of which involves her LG Styler, an at-home clothing care system that uses steam to eliminate wrinkles. “While the LG Styler is an investment, anything you buy—especially something on the more expensive side—should be cared for,” she urges. 

Keep reading for five key tips Choi relies on to ensure her delicate pieces are wearable for years and years to come.

Do you have any top tips for protecting your investment pieces?