Love ASOS? Live in the U.S.? Here's Some Amazing News

Today, ASOS announced the opening of its U.S. warehouse that will be fully operational within the next year. And if you’re a major fan of the site, check its new arrivals on a regular basis, and never place an order that’s below the free-shipping minimum, here’s why this news should make your day.

According to the UK retailer in a press release, the arrival of its first stateside warehouse not only means there will be 10 million units of product stocked in the Georgia facilities, but also that, as the brand promises, “next-day shipping and faster processing of returns will soon be a reality for U.S. shoppers.”

Think about it: ASOS is already known for being quite speedy at delivering the on-trend pieces you love, but soon, U.S. customers will be able to turn to the site in a real fashion pinch (e.g., that party you forgot you RSVP’d to, the job interview that came out of nowhere, etc.) and receive a new outfit the very next day.

While we still have some time to wait until ASOS officially situates itself on this side of the pond, keep scrolling below to shop a few of the site’s key offerings.