Ashley Graham's Strapless Bra Tip Is for Every Busty Girl

Ashley Graham has been busy. She's currently running around New York promoting her book release, A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like, appearing on TV shows and in-store events. But she found the time to not only inspire us to invest in a spot-on pair of summer boots, but she also took to Instagram to drop a bit of advice. Specifically, when it comes to one of the trickiest undergarments to wear: strapless bras.

Graham posted a photo of the slinky, maxi-length, fine-knit dress she wore yesterday on social media with the caption: "Tip for wearing a strapless bra- go down a size only in the band. Keeps the girls lifted without suffocating them." Of course, we think the model knows what she's talking about. Yes, she's curvy, for starters, but she's also a lingerie designer for her Addition Elle collection and has modeled in underwear more times than we can possibly count. In short: She's truly an expert.

While all bodies are a bit different when it comes to fit, Graham's advice could be a huge deal for anyone struggling to find a strapless bra that supports and won't slide down throughout the day. Plus if her tip works for you, it can change your summer style plans entirely. Off-the-shoulder? Spaghetti straps? Bring 'em on.

Keep her tip in mind next time you're shopping for supportive underwear, and scroll below to see the outfits that benefitted from Graham's strapless bra advice.

Ashley Graham's full of solid advice. Take a look at the model's tip for avoiding the skinny jean "waist gap."