Size 14 Model Ashley Graham's Secret to Loving Your Body

As women, we fight a battle everyday: How to love our bodies unconditionally when the media (and the world at large, really) is constantly telling us what the "ideal" body type is. Size 14 model Ashley Graham probably knows this better than most of us, as her body and her relationship with it literally defines her career. She recently talked to Net-a-Porter's magazine The Editand shared a couple valuable pieces of advice.

“I think that you can be healthy at any size and my goal is to help and educate women on that,” she says. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a size two or 22, as long as you’re taking care of your body, working out, and telling yourself ‘I love you’ instead of taking in the negativity of beauty standards.”

She says there's one source in particular that helps her stay inspired to love her body: her mum. “I think being told I was beautiful by my mum my whole life made the difference," she explains. "My mum never said, ‘I feel so ugly,’ she never looked at her face and said, ‘I need a lift.’ I never saw her looking at herself negatively and therefore I never looked at myself that way."

Head to The Edit to read more of her wise observations on how all women can love their bodies more and more each day! How do YOU stay confident about yourself? Tell us in the comments below!