Yes, This Cool Brand Is About to Save Your Wardrobe

If there’s one trend that’s reigned supreme over the last few seasons, it’s athleisure—we’re talking sneakers, track pants, hoodies, and everything in between. Looking for new ways to test out the look? That’s where athleisure enthusiast Anaa Saber comes in. In her new column, the fashion girl behind @oursecondskin will offer up her best styling tricks for those of you looking to inject this cool trend into your everyday lives.

If this weather has you feeling shaky, I’m right there with you. But if there’s one thing I love about the transition from fall to winter (especially this ridiculously long one currently gracing us), it’s the cozy gear that comes along with it. I’ll be real with you: Every winter, I stock up on versatile new basics. I’m talking hoodies, sweats, and outerwear—pieces you can mix and match with basically anything in your wardrobe. Forget your LBD investment, because the hoodie is where it’s at.

In case you’re wondering where to stock up on the aforementioned cozy pieces, I’ve got you covered. After some thorough market analysis, I’ve found the jackpot: Aritzia has all the pieces you need to make your fall-to-winter transition seamless. If you’re unfamiliar with Aritzia’s mix of foolproof brands—including Wilfred, Babaton, and TNA—I suggest getting acquainted. With an eclectic mix of brands, there’s an option of clothing for every style type, from preppy to sporty. And ultimately, it all boils down to how you style your pieces—I can’t stress this enough.

Today I’m here to show you how I love to style Aritzia’s incredible winter and fall assortment.