Anna Wintour Needs to Hear This Met Gala Advice From Anne Hathaway

It’s not a spoiler alert that the new Ocean’s 8 film—the one we’ve been impatiently waiting for for over a year and features a dream lineup of stylish women—takes place inside one of the most difficult fashion parties to get an invitation to: the Met Gala.

We not only had the chance to watch the movie in advance and get a first peek at the cast’s incredible wardrobe (Givenchy, Alaïa, Prada, Valentino—essentially Fashion Month without the international travel), but we also spoke with stars Anne Hathaway and Hollywood newcomer Awkwafina about some of the craziest things that happen inside the Met’s doors during the first Monday in May. Also, we asked them to pick a dream theme for next year, to which Hathaway completely nailed her response. “I would love a Met Gala about Audrey Hepburn and her relationship with Givenchy.”

Anyone else just have a why didn’t I think of that first? moment? Watch on for her full response.

Ocean’s 8 hits movie theaters this Friday, June 9.

Opening image: Getty