The Bizarre Thing Anna Wintour Never Wears

We recently spent an evening doing what we do on plenty of evenings: stalking our favorite style stars on social media. What began as an innocuous night just like any other swiftly turned into something much more revelatory, when we noticed something about Anna Wintour we had somehow mysteriously never noticed before: She never carries a bag.

We pored over one street style image after another, looking for any signs of a handbag: Fendi, Gucci, Prada, where art thou?! But, alas, there were none to be found. We went back and watched Vogue's "73 Questions" video with Wintour, and lo and behold: She shares at 2:28 (above) that she "rarely carries a bag." How we overlooked this admission the first 1000 times we watched the video, we may never know. (Just like we may never fully understand where Ms. Wintour stores all her, you know, stuff. Does she just keep necessities in her pockets?!)

Keep scrolling to see some of the proof we found that Anna Wintour hardly ever carries a handbag!

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