Anna Wintour Just Dispelled the Biggest Myth About Her

The first part of Anna Wintour’s Business of Fashion cover story has just been released, and the interview is full of fascinating insights into the iconic editor’s life. She discusses a wide range of topics, from her thoughts on creative street style—“I think it’s fabulous, why not?”—to her opinions on the current political climate. But we were especially intrigued when she shut down one of the biggest myths about her: Namely, that everyone in fashion bends to her will.

“How do you respond when people say you’re the most powerful figure in fashion and that the whole industry works based on what you say?” BOF’s Imran Amed asked Wintour, who quickly cleared up that popular misconception. “It simply isn’t true. It simply isn’t true,” she responded. “I love my job, I love everything about it. I love the additional responsibility that I have as artistic director and I love journalism … And honestly, without sounding pretentious, I don’t think about power or what that brings me. What does that really bring? A good table at a restaurant? I just try to use my position to help Condé Nast and to help others.”

And with that, you can officially put that rumor to rest once and for all. Head over to Business of Fashion to read the rest of the enlightening interview.

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