What It’s Actually Like to Interview for a Job With Anna Wintour

“Every fashion writer should work at Vogue—people say it’s is the ‘the bible’ of fashion, which basically makes Anna the pope of fashion.” Consider the similarities: Both the pope and Anna Wintour have a uniform and a signature accessory (white robes and a papal hat for Pope Francis and a printed sleeveless dress with a gemstone choker and dark sunglasses for the editor in chief), wield a massive amount of power, and have the effect of making people freak out in their presence. In her recent book, Tales From the Back Row ($14), Cosmpolitan.com editor Amy Odell noted the rather amusing comparison when reflecting on the time she interviewed with Wintour for a job at Vogue.

The novel gives a refreshing peek inside the industry, as Odell shares what it’s like to be immersed in the fashion world when you yourself have a healthy dose of skepticism and an unapologetic habit of finding the absurd humor in an industry that takes itself rather seriously. Odell’s revealing tales are equal parts hilarious and insightful, and while she covers many aspects of the industry (models, designers, bloggers, oh my!), today we’re focusing on one of our favorite sections of the book: Odell’s job interview with Anna Wintour.

Scroll down to learn Odell’s top takeaways from her interview with the fashion pope herself.