Why Anna Wintour's Ankle-Boots-and-Tights Outfit Is Unexpected

Like clockwork, there are a handful of fall trends that you can expect to pop up year after year. Velvet dresses can definitely be included in that list, but Anna Wintour just styled one in a slightly unexpected way for her: with colored tights. Black tights are a mainstay in everyone's fall wardrobe, but colored versions are a bit rarer—especially for one particular EIC who is known for her classic, non-trend-driven looks. 

Photographed at the Vogue Forces of Fashion Conference in New York City, Wintour posed with the equally well-dressed Stella McCartney in tights that color-coordinated with her midi dress, along with black ankle boots. Excuse us while we re-create this outfit pronto. 

Scroll down to see how Anna Wintour styled colored tights.