Even Anna Wintour Is Excited About This Fall Boot Trend

Paris Fashion Week may have been filled with endless street style inspiration, but Anna Wintour's favorite part was the action on the runways. In a new video, the Vogue editor in chief breaks down the hits from the City of Light, and one of her most memorable moments has to do with fall's biggest boot trend: sparkle.

"If one's going to talk about the one thing that I remember from this week is the incredible collection of boots," she says. "Particularly the ones at Karl Lagerfeld's fantastic show this morning at the Grand Palais with the Chanel rocket ship. Those shining riding boots were just amazing." From glitzy riding boots to ankle booties, and those infamous Saint Laurent beauties everyone wants, Wintour certainly solidified the sparkly boot trend that we're going to see everywhere come fall.

Keep scrolling to see Anna Wintour break down her Paris Fashion Week highlights, and our favorite gleaming boots spotted on the runways.



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Opening Image: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images