Surprise: Anna Wintour Says You Can Wear Flip-Flops With This


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This just in: The reigning queen bee of the fashion tribe just endorsed a shoe style you buried away long ago. Conjuring up memories of family beach vacations and grade school swim practices, the flip-flop has hardly been more than a banal rubber sandal as far as fashion is concerned. But if you've seen the most recent NYFW runways or followed the rise in popularity of this particular "ugly" sandal, maybe you're less than shocked at the news.

In a video Vogue published about Anna Wintour's reflections on NYFW, she mused, "You can take something that might have traditionally been thought of as something you might wear at night and wear it in the day with a sneaker or a flip-flop or whatever it may be. It's rule-breaking but not silly." 

The ultimate authority on what's "in," Wintour deemed the sandal wearable in the day with what would otherwise be an evening dress. Are you as surprised as we are? Will you be going to dust off your flip-flops now or cancel your Vogue subscription?

Watch the video below to see what Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour has to say about flip-flops for fall.

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