What One Supermodel Wears in New York—but Wouldn't Dare Wear in Paris

Does your style change based on what city you’re in? For veteran model Anja Rubik, the difference between her New York looks and her Paris outfits is night and day.

In a new interview with The Edit, Rubik explains the contrast between the two cities. “[On weekends] I’m usually completely disheveled,” she told the site. “I have a dog in New York so very often you’ll see me out walking in my pajamas with just a trench coat tied over them and flip flops. But that’s the beauty of New York: no one really cares how you look. I wouldn’t dare do that in Paris—once I land there I feel obliged to look chic and cool all the time; I’m always dressed up.”

Given Paris’s reputation as the fashion capital of the world, it makes sense that she wants to look more polished—but it also doesn’t hurt that the supermodel happens to look amazing even when she’s dressed casually in New York.

Scroll down to see how Anja Rubik’s style differs in New York versus Paris!

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Opening Image: Style du Monde