Free Shopping at Chanel—Can You Imagine?

“Can you imagine? Free shopping at Chanel?” Angela Lindvall asks. Of course, the answer for most of us is a resounding “nope,” but we’re certainly game to imagine it as the iconic model recalls a few extra-special perks of her career, especially in the 2000s when her photos seemed to be everywhere. While Lindvall also recounts a few of the special “first” milestones—her first Elle shoot in which she had to be helicoptered to set, her first fashion friend Gisele Bündchen—these days she’s up to something just as exciting. In her first entrepreneurial experience, Lindvall has teamed for a collaboration with Article 22, a brand that repurposes metals from Vietnam War bombs and weapons to create beautiful jewelry with a peaceful message. Watch the video to see her design up close and hear more of her hard-to-imagine (but fun-to-dream-about) moments from her modeling career.