INF / Network: Meet Andrea Csinger

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It’s time to meet… Andrea Csinger.


Andrea Csinger

It's not all that fancy and glamorous all the time. The time spent on creating some of the content is unreal. Creating that nonchalant vibe actually takes some time.

Jeans, jeans, jeans! A masculine style (most likely high waisted, loose fit with knee rips) is it for me. Paired with my new obsession—Dr Martens loafers.

I put work aside and go for a long walk with my husband (and without a camera, of course!).

Being a freelancer makes all routines and rituals 10 times harder. The one ritual I try to stick to in the morning is a coffee at my local café in Sydney's Paddington. At night, I'm pretty hooked on Netflix.

Don't give up even when something doesn't work out! Everything happens for a reason.

Anything pink at the moment! Shoes, knits, sweaters! (Even my hairband is pink—I know, so lame).

When I wake up feeling confident and creative! Those days are the best! I just feel I'm on top of everything. Or... Waking up on holiday in Bali, sipping on a G&T, and eating fruits and Nasi Goreng (fried rice) all day!

Our trip to California in June!

At the end of the day I can tick off at least five boxes from my to-do list.


People are always late. I think it's rude to play with others' time. Punctuality shows respect. 

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