Meet the Jewelry Designer Inspired by Mary-Kate and Ashley's The Row

One of the nicest aspects of social media is the sense of constant discovery that comes with it, and nowhere is that more true than in fashion, where the coolest new brands seem to be popping up every day. As editors, we're always getting lost in fashionable feeds and returning to reality with both a boost of inspiration and a host of brands we want to check out further.

Such was the case with me and Androgyny jewelry, which is designed by Courtney Bensik in Los Angeles using the ancient method of lost wax. After being seduced by Instagram snapshots of her collection, which somehow managed to look both delicate and strong at the same time, I asked Bensik to send me her favorite pieces, and the real things did not disappoint. The gems were even better up close: eye-catching without being flashy, durable without being heavy, and totally versatile.

The craziest part is that Bensik has no formal training! She simply acted on her creative urge, which is a move that we at Who What Wear always admire in people. So, curious to know more about her story, I spoke to the designer about everything from how the line got it’s name to why she considers The Row one of her main sources of inspiration.

Scroll down to find out what the soon-to-be-huge jewelry designer had to say!