If You Hate Swimsuit Shopping, This New Brand Might Be Your Savior

>We don’t know many women who enjoy going swimsuit shopping, picking out tons of “okay” options, and squeezing into a tiny fitting room with unflattering light to try them on. In fact, this editor can’t think of anything worse. So when the brand Andie was conceived, the fitting room was the first thing eliminated.

>Launched today, Andie is a swim line built around the idea that less is more. In fact, instead of designing a wide range of vacation-ready pieces, Andie just focused on mastering a single style for its launch: the classic one-piece. While the initial offering from this direct-to-consumer brand doesn’t exactly include every of-the-moment trend and detail, what it does offer is perfect for anyone who wants a clean-cut, minimalistic swim option that actually fits.

>Here’s how it works: You select your sizing, Andie ships you three options—each solid-colored and featuring subtle differences in the cut—and you try them on at home, where you can drink a glass of wine, ask a friend for advice, and take a properly lit photo (hey, lighting is everything). When you’re done, just ship back whatever doesn’t work and pay for the styles you keep.

>Scroll down to take a look at the three debut options from the new label, and if finding a new favorite one-piece without ever leaving the house sounds appealing, click through to give it a try.

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