Watch Amy Schumer Hilariously Attempt to Shop for Non–Sample Size Clothes

No woman is immune to bad shopping experiences, whether it’s a snooty salesperson or a stack of size 2s staring you in the face. Fortunately, Amy Schumer’s new clip for Inside Amy Schumer is here to make fun of these and other struggles non-models can face when shopping.

To wit: When she asks for a size 12, the saleswoman responds that she “could call the Midwest for you.” This is before she explains that the store has a whole section for people with Schumer’s “situation,” proceeds to lead her to a pasture, and recommends a plastic tarp to cover her “problem areas.” Oh, and Lena Dunham makes a hilarious cameo too.

To top it all off, they put a pretzel from the mall food court in Schumer’s shopping bag at checkout because “we assume that’s where you’ll be going next.” And with this three-minute clip, we officially couldn’t love Amy Schumer any more.

Scroll down to see Schumer’s hilarious new video poking fun at shopping!

Have you ever had a bad shopping experience? Share with us in the comments below, and shop everyone’s favorite universally flattering color.

Opening Image: Getty Images