Watch Amy Schumer Hilariously Mock Facebook Engagement Photos

As a modern woman who successfully navigates the Internet, you are most likely quite familiar with the experience of seeing all your friends' engagement photos and announcements on Facebook. And, particularly if you are a single modern woman, you might find this experience more than a bit irritating.

Well, Amy Schumer feels your pain, and she is here to help. In a just-released bonus clip from her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer, the comedienne hilariously (and accurately) mocks the phenomenon of Facebook engagement photos.

"Is this your first engagement?" the Facebook photographer asks Schumer as the shoot begins. "Okay, that's a real rookie mistake. You don't look at the camera. You're in love, so look at each other!"

The whole skit is just so spot-on and had us laughing out loud at our desks. Watch it above, then (why not?) check out some of our favorite engagement rings this season!