Amy Adams Calls These Leggings "Magic"—Have You Tried Them?

Fact: Not all leggings are created equal. It may be tempting to think that all basic black pairs are alike, but subtle variations in fabric and fit can make all the difference. Naturally, everyone has their own brands they swear by—including Amy Adams.

In a new interview with Yahoo! Style, Adams revealed her go-to label for leggings. “I have new magic leggings: Spanx!" she told the site, adding that the brand “makes workout leggings that you can wear as [everyday] leggings ... It’s like five pounds gone!”

After taking a quick look at Spanx's website, we found that the brand makes a handful of workout leggings that are endlessly versatile, most with under-$100 price tags. If they're anything like Spanx's famous shapewear, these leggings just might be the most flattering pair you ever own. But don't take Adams's word for it—what's the harm in trying them out yourself? 

Scroll down to shop the Spanx workout leggings Amy Adams calls "magic"! 

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