The Yeezy Model Who Wants to Change the Fashion World

People can't stop talking about 24-year-old Amina Blue. We wish we could pinpoint the sole reason the Brooklyn native has become one of the most popular up-and-coming models recently. Is it because of her stance on veganism? She won't wear fur, leather, or any other animal product, in addition to eating vegan. Was it her buzz-worthy casting in Tyga's "1 on 1" music video last year? Or are people taking note because the 5'1" model walked the Yeezy runway without heels on?

The truth is, Amina Blue has her mind set on making waves in the industry—for the better. Amid a broader shift in fashion toward more inclusivity and wider representation, Blue's rise to notoriety is yet another welcome change of pace for those championing a change in the status quo.

Amina Blue is among a crop of millennial models and influencers working to change fashion's long-standing status quo. Keep reading to see Blue's standout looks and shop similar items below.