Here's Why Fashion Girls Are Counting Down to September 5


20th Century Fox 

Unless you've been on a deserted island all summer without a television or phone, you're probably aware that Game of Thrones has dominated the pop culture conversation this summer. But there's another TV show premiering soon with a cult following that rivals that of the aforementioned Game of Thrones: the seventh season of American Horror Story on FX. This time around, the series is election-themed and is cryptically entitled Cult.

Aside from the binge-worthy storylines, another obvious reason to tune in is to see the bevy of fashion girls that Ryan Murphy has chosen to grace the screen. And with a completely different premise each season, much of the cast rotates, meaning there's usually a fresh new crop of cool girls to see in action.

You'll have to wait a bit longer to see what season seven has in store on September 5, but in the meantime, read on to see some of the fashion girls that have past seasons of American Horror Story on their résumés.