These Jeggings Have 1000+ Reviews on Amazon



It's hard to envision something you can't order on Amazon these days. Now that the brand has absorbed Whole Foods, started delivering wine, and made two-day shipping a must, it's slowly crept its way onto our list of most-visited pages. And while it may not be the first place you think to go jeans shopping, it's a sneakily genius choice.

So what style has caught the attention of savvy Amazon shoppers? We found a pair of Levi's jeggings that have managed to rack up over 1000 reviews—with the vast majority of those awarding five stars to the jeggings. Purchasers use words like "life-changing" and "ridiculously comfortable" to describe them, which makes for a pretty convincing appeal. So if you're on the hunt for the perfect skinny jeans–and-leggings hybrid, this might just be it.

Read on to shop the jeggings, along with similar styles!