Amazon Launched Its Black Friday Deals More Than 3 Weeks Early

In our minds, two things mark the official arrival of the holiday season: when Starbucks starts serving coffee beverages in those trademark red cups and when Black Friday hits. And now, thanks to Amazon (and Starbucks, who already rolled out the red cups!), we'll all be ringing in the beginning of the season sooner than ever before.

Amazon just launched its Black Friday deals. That's right, on November 2, you can already shop the deals that in theory shouldn't be available until November 28. The mega-site is currently offering huge discounts on everything from ankle boots to sweaters, coats, and of course a ton of great gift options, as well.

Amazon's über-early Black Friday sales are officially being marketed as a "Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week," but the sales are already to Black Friday levels, like 50% off certain boots and up to 60% off leather jackets and outerwear.

Keep scrolling to see a few of our favorite Amazon picks, and head to the site to start shopping the deals now!