Always Judging's Courtney Trop Just Did the Sickest Photo Shoot in Rare Vintage

Courtney Trop, the style wunderkind behind fashion blog Always Judging, feels like she wears more vintage than any other influencer. "I'm a Pisces, which is the oldest sign, so it's fitting that I'd want to wear old clothes," she says. "I feel like I've lived other lives."

A few weeks before Trop's 32nd birthday, she hit up team Who What Wear with a set of exclusive photos to share. This was a special shoot—hair, makeup, styling, and photography were all executed by a team of Trop's close personal friends. In the images, Trop is wearing rare secondhand designer threads from What Goes Around Comes Around (WGACA), a high-end boutique full of hard-to-find vintage with several locations around the country, including Beverly Hills, near where Trop resides.

Opportunities to shoot with fashion brands obviously come Trop's way all the time, but even a brief scroll through her Instagram feed will reveal that the influencer, who is currently rocking a lion-like perm and is often pictured in almost-freaky vintage couture (head-to-toe cornflower leather, shoulder pads, magenta silk—"Everything I wear has a story behind it," Trop says. "Vintage excites me more than new clothes"), has a strong point of view, and she turns most offers down. This photo shoot only came together after a long process of courting. "WGACA had reached out to me before, and I never wanted to work with them because I thought they were overpriced and I already had my vintage contacts," says Trop. But after revisiting the opportunity, Trop changed her mind. "I realized their pieces are really rare and amazing and curated and special."

Trop and her friends had never gotten booked all together on a shoot before, so they thought Why not? Here's the perfect chance; let's do it. She and her stylist friend Joni pulled a bunch of looks from WGACA, and they all met in Trop's backyard to play for a few hours. "I think it's really special that we all wanted to work on a Sunday for no money," says Trop. Keep scrolling to see how the looks and photos turned out and to learn more about the clothes.