The Denim Trend Allison Williams Never Wants to See Again

Denim trends come and go, but apparently, there's one that Allison Williams never wants to see again. The Girls star, whose go-to is high-waisted jeans, recently expressed complete disdain for one of the most popular styles of yesteryear. You know the look—cutting off right at or below the hips, hugging the thighs, and flaring out just below the knee.

"They were so low-rise—what were we doing? Like, everyone could just see our butt all the time, right?" she remarked to InStyle at a photo shoot. "I recently tried on a pair of jeans from high school and they were so low and I was like, how did this feel comfortable? How did this feel normal?"

Well, lucky for Williams, the look du jour is midrise at minimum, and anything with a flare is done in a more fashion-forward direction than our teenage selves at the mall would have gone. So it's safe to say farewell to any denim silhouettes singularly befitting of your sophomore years and look to invest in a new generation of denim that keeps you covered even when you take a seat.

Keep scrolling to shop our favorite denim selections that would have Allison Williams's stamp of approval.

Opening Image: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

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