The Surprising Fashion Pieces Allison Williams Took From the Girls Set


Jim Spellman/Getty

The final season of HBO's Girls premieres next Sunday. While we're still preparing ourselves to begin bidding adieu to the characters we've watched grow up for the last six years, the show's stars have already had their final curtain call and gotten through their mourning period. Allison Williams recently sat down with InStyle to discuss the end of the era as well as everything she wants to steal (and has already bought) from her character Marnie's wardrobe.

"The things I want from Marnie's wardrobe are the iconic pieces," confessed Williams. "So the plastic dress that she wore to Jonathan's party is going to the HBO archives, but I want to try to get the dress that she sang 'Stronger' in and that DVF dress from the Highline in that episode." She noted how her style transformed with her character's, and "by the end, my look and Marnie's look were nearly indistinguishable." While she still admits Marnie's fashion choices during the "whole singer-songwriter" period were "pretty terrible," she reveals that in the final season we'll be seeing Marnie return back to the basics.

Some of the other pieces Williams has made sure to get her hands on are for their strong sentimental value. "I already bought the things that were most special to me: her guitar and her engagement and wedding band," she shared. "I wore them yesterday, because I just needed to feel married to her. I wore them until I went to bed last night, and then I didn't put them on this morning because that felt a little unhealthy, frankly."

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