Here's Why Allison Williams Is Giving Away a Ton of Sneakers



Sure, sneakers are pretty ubiquitous when it comes to fashion trends, but Allison Williams—who you may know best as Marnie from HBO’s Girls—is obsessed with Keds for a very specific reason. “I love their slogan, ‘Ladies First,’” she tells us. “I think it’s also a perfect way to express yourself because it encourages this idea that you can be an individual while also being comfortable and supported.” With that said, Williams took to her Instagram today to announce she was giving a whole slew of them away. And, yes, there’s a catch—a good one.

Williams is participating in 10 Days of Giving, a program launched with Horizons National that benefits children in low-income housing. Here’s how it works: You make a donation to the cause, and the actress sends you a thank-you gift, aka her most-loved products. Today the items are Keds and Jennifer Meyer jewelry, but that's just the start. The program runs through July 27 with various products—all Williams-approved.

“We offer a range of prices because I know that not everyone can afford to make a big donation to Horizons,” she tells us about how to get involved. “However, for the people who can afford it, I tried to include a couple things just so that, you know, we can increase the amount of money we’re raising for the kids … I’m very Robin Hood about it.”

Scroll down to see the actress’s first giveaway product—the sneakers she owns in abundance—and look out for more exciting opportunities to help with the cause in the days ahead.