This Is the Perfect Dress for Accentuating (or Faking) Curves

Alicia Vikander wore a dress to the Bulgari Venice Festa that was kind of hard to miss. It was flouncy and flowy, sweet but not in your face, and in a pale-blue color that popped against the party’s pink carpet—essentially, we were sold at first site. But there’s something special in the silhouette of Prabal Gurung's design that we found appealing as well, no matter what body shape or size you are.

The tiered ruffles of the dress fall just at the chest, the hip line, and around the knee. In other words, it’s the kind of dress that will completely accentuate every curve of a woman’s body. But what’s more, because of the generous volume of the tiers, it would just as easily fake such a figure if nature didn’t give it to you naturally.

Of course, we’re not to assume every woman cares to look curvy, but we can appreciate a piece of clothing that does all the work for you. Call it good design or call it magic, but we’re keeping this silhouette in mind for future reference. Scroll down to take a closer look.