Want the New Adidas and Alexander Wang Collab? Text This Number


Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang

Online shopping is so last year. What’s the latest way to immediately get your hands on the second season of a sold-out collaboration, specifically Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang? Just text them.

In anticipation of the new collection drop, New Yorkers might start to notice billboards going up around Manhattan saying, “Text to Buy (917) 512-7715.” Those are the digits shoppers should text come this Saturday to get their hands on the designs. “Season 2 fuses two disparate experiences—raving and cycling—to present the story of a tribe of New York bike messengers,” the press release reads. “Suddenly, on July 29, the streets of New York become the collection's catalogue.”

How does it work exactly? Products will be revealed via billboards—including the collab's next It sneaker, a neon style with the brand's iconic stripes comprised of polka dots—along with code information. Shoppers simply have to text the above number to place the order and wait while (very well-dressed) bike messengers deliver their packages. Consider it part performance, part instant shopping gratification. And while those in and around the Big Apple have the first chance of spotting the Originals by Alexander Wang in the wild, the line itself will still be available everywhere come August 5. Either way, take note.

Keep scrolling for a first look at the bold designs from the new collaboration and the campaign video as well.