Why Jewelry Might Just Be the Secret to Office Style

Power dressing takes on many different forms in this day and age, but for Alexa Oelbaum, there's a simple formula: Think polished yet creative. "I tend to gravitate toward classic silhouettes," says the David Yurman advertising manager. "But will mix it up with graphic prints or monochromatic pallets, unexpected details, and statement accessories." In a more corporate setting, finding ways to mix up traditional pieces like a suit can feel like a challenge, but Oelbaum has found a formula that works. "I love dressing up," she notes. "Feeling well put-together is something I think translates into the work I do every day."

Given her career at David Yurman, it's not exactly a surprise that Oelbaum's jewelry collection is an impressive one. "I have always incorporated jewelry into my looks since I was young," she says. "I think this was my draw to the industry in the first place." Now, Oelbaum notes that working at David Yurman has opened her eyes to the ways in which jewelry can transform a look by turning simple outfits into creative ones or mixing metals when she's feeling stuck.

Below, Oelbaum breaks down three looks she relies on during a busy week. Just know there's plenty of jewelry involved!


Anna Harty Styling: H&M top and skirt; Sam Edelman shoes

"Coffee meetings and a casual happy hour call for a smart all-camel ensemble. Mixing materials and an unexpected ruffle on the sleeve creates depth to a monochromatic look. I am a sucker for pieces that match. I think there is something insanely chic about pulling off all one color."


Anna Harty Styling: Banana Republic suit and shoes; H&M top; David Yurman jewelry

"The middle of the week needs some extra energy. That is why my look was head-to-toe polka dots and a bright-red shoe. I added a long David Yurman Stax Pendant to pull it all together. Like the day of the week, this is one of those outfits that you just need to own."


Anna Harty Styling: H&M top; Valentino pants; BCBG blazer; David Yurman jewelry; Sam Edelman shoes

"I like to start the week with more tailored pieces, but I am not afraid to rock powerful prints, like a leopard blazer. It makes me feel confident yet put-together. I finished the look off with a skinny scarf and piled on David Yurman 18K Gold Pave Stax rings."

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