Alexa Chung Discovers Where Her Least Favorite Trend Came From

She previously told Fashionista that she found normcore to be "the most offensive thing," but in the latest video of her Vogue UK series, Alexa Chung is discovering the origin of the popular fashion movement of 2015. The Future of Fashion series follows Chung as she explores the fashion industry in New York City, interviewing everyone from fashion designers to the folks behind the scenes. 

In Episode 2 she meets with Emily Segal and Greg Fong of K-Hole, a brand consulting agency, who basically forecast trends before they happen. The duo gives Chung the lowdown on the concept they thought up to describe an attitude that later turned into a fashion movement. Little did they know that in 2014 normcore would be on the shortlist of Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year (it tied with bae and lost the top spot to vape).

Check out the episode that highlights the origins of normcore.


British Vogue

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