FYI Alexa Chung Wants You to "Relax" About Her Outfit



"My personal style still stands as the corner piece to my life," Alexa Chung starts. Then she pauses, "Actually, that’s like self-aggrandizing. I don't like to do that—but what I mean is that [my style] is inherent, and I can't really get rid of that."

The style star and model-turned-designer is talking to me about her eponymous clothing line and the launch of The Lonely Hearts Club, her way of celebrating the new line in stores around the world. "I was talking to a friend of mine in Paris at the Hotel Amour and I was like, 'Why's everyone single? Does anyone ever do single peoples' parties?' And I thought maybe that’s what we should do—a traveling lonely hearts club where you can turn up, get in a photo booth, and make out with someone."

It's only fitting that Alexa Chung's witty humor and playfulness finds an outlet outside of her day-to-day life. But even when she's not focused on business, it's clear that fashion and a bit of wit seem to go hand and hand for Chung. When I ask about the ways living in the U.S. has changed her style, she mentions a dinner in which she came dressed as "an all-American man," complete with vans, a striped sweater, and baggy pants.

And as for a recent trip to L.A., "I was just hiking the other morning in Griffith Park and people were stopping and commenting on my 'hiking outfit,' which was essentially like a '90s floral dress." While Alexa admits that maybe a little athleisure-wear could have come in handy, she adds, "Relax… I'm British, we wear converse and a dress hiking. It's fine."

Read on to see Alexa's hiking outfit and to shop pieces from her new line!