Alexa Chung Predicts We'll Be Obsessed With This Shoe Style Soon


Style du Monde

Alexa Chung is the go-to girl when it comes to fashion. She’s a regular on best dressed lists and sits front row at fashion shows. The style star and model-turned-designer created yet another long-lasting source of fashion inspiration with the launch of her line, Alexachung, in May, and she has a new collection coming out this month. There's no slowing her down!

So when Alexa Chung spoke with Elle about a few of her favorite things, we listened. In the Q&A, we learned that Alexa’s greatest skill is making dressing—salad dressing, to be specific. (She’s also got serious skill when it comes to dressing herself, obviously.) But the part of the interview that stood out to us most was when she was asked what trends we’ll all be wearing in the next six months—some of her predictions are slightly controversial.

Per Alexa, cargo pants and jelly shoes will take the fashion world by storm. It's almost like a classic Mean Girls comeback, where everyone's copying Cady Heron's cargo pants–and–flip-flip combo, only this time, it's jelly shoes. 

Scroll down to shop some pieces inspired by Alexa's fashion predictions, and then read the rest of her interview with Elle.