How Do You Get Into Those Boots, Alessandra Ambrosio?

It's well documented that dressing for the red carpet can bring up more than a few challenges. Naomie Harris once had to lay down in a limo so as to not wrinkle her Armani dress on the way to the Golden Globes in January, and plenty of celeb stylists have admitted to sewing their clients into a design at the last moment. But at the MTV Video Music Awards, we're willing to bet that one of the biggest wardrobe hurdles was getting Alessandra Ambrosio into her shoes.

The model arrived on the red carpet in a full-body white-and-black design featuring ornate lace, a high-neck collar, and, oh yes, a pair of lace-up boots that went all the way from the peep-toe shape of her heels to her upper thighs. We can't imagine these are a slip-on design. And if it took Rihanna an hour to get into her heels for the Met Gala, we're sure Ambrosio's statement-making pair of boot leggings were in the same ballpark.

Take a look at the model's spotlight-stealing ensemble below.




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