This Victoria's Secret Angel's 8-Year-Old Daughter Just Sang at Coachella

Amid the style and celebrity coverage of Coachella, we just found proof that talent does run in the family, courtesy of Alessandra Ambrosio's daughter, Anja. It probably helps that she has a Victoria's Secret supermodel for a mom and a businessman and musician for a dad.

The 8-year-old singer took the stage at Coachella this weekend to perform a song with her dad, Jamie Mazur. Mazur played guitar for singer Devendra Banhart before backing up his daughter's vocals, and it was hands down one of the cutest Coachella performances we've ever seen.

Anja looked totally confident on stage as she rocked out to the music while singing (à la Stevie Nicks, no less) and wearing a pair of rainbow cat ears. Proud mom Alessandra even Instagrammed the whole thing.

A lot of adults would be nervous to take such a large and public stage, so props to Anja for being totally cool and collected. Just like her mom, it looks like she was born to be in the spotlight.

Watch Anja's fantastic performance below, and read Alessandra Ambrosio's cute caption.

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