This L.A. Brand's New Campaign Is Beyond Inspiring

It’s commonplace for a fashion brand to associate itself with a model who embodies everything it stands for. Take Jennifer Lawrence and Dior, Lily-Rose Depp and Chanel, or Lady Gaga and Brandon Maxwell, for instance. But in a new campaign that kicks off today, L.A. brand A.L.C. took a slightly different approach. Its new initiative, theALCway, is still aligned with its muses, but none of these women are high-profile celebrities per se. 

“TheALCway celebrates what it means to be a human being–beyond just a woman who is achieving a thousand accolades and ‘doing it all’; celebrating women for being real and honest,” says founder Andrea Lieberman. And with a 10-women cast of New York and L.A. creatives, there’s also at least one face that every fashion girl will recognize: Margaret Zhang. The creator of Shine by Three photographed all the talent for this very project, and took center stage herself in A.L.C.'s fall and holiday collections.

While the campaign will release on A.L.C.’s Instagram page today, it will continue to roll out with new images and empowering messages from these everyday yet exceptional women over the course of the next 10 days. “In such an aesthetically driven industry and digital landscape, women of substance cut through the noise with their intelligence, authenticity, and quiet overachievements,” says Zhang of this project. In other words, the images below are as real as they get. And they're pretty beautiful, too.

Scroll down to see, and shop, some of theALCway's new, unique campaign.

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