Warning: Don't Wear Shorts to the Airport Without This Key Piece

Given that summer travel season has officially launched, it's time to discuss an item that most of us avoid wearing to the airport: shorts. Given that most planes and airports are kept at meat-locker temperatures and avoiding skin-on–airplane seat contact is advisable, we tend to stick to more covered-up options on travel days. But as summer carries on and temps at your destination are likely creeping toward 100 degrees, you may be tempted to swap your leggings or jeans out for shorts. And if you do, we advise following Olivia Culpo's lead, who was seen wearing denim cutoff shorts at the airport in a recent Instagram post. The thing that made them actually work was the addition of a duster cardigan, which both served as a leg shield and a cozy outer layer. The verdict? Wear shorts for summer travel days, but don't forget to carry on your duster, à la Culpo.

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