Airbrush Underwear: 3 Editors Tried It—Here's Our Honest Review



As the recipient of hundreds of emails every day, it's not often a subject line manages to prod me into action. But when the words "airbrush underwear" popped up a few weeks ago, I fell for the bait and instantly clicked in to find out more. While I can't pretend to possess the largest underwear collection, I'm obsessive about the brands and styles I wear. I recoil at briefs that bunch, scratch, or ride up, and I've done a lot of testing to find styles that more or less make it feel like I have nothing on at all.

This new airbrush underwear is the creation of Alo, a brand that offers yoga pants that already have a celebrity cult following (and that pioneered the nude legging trend that's been everywhere this past year). The underwear is designed with raw edges to keep from any digging and is made with a four-way stretch fabric that's also moisture-wicking. Sounds promising, no?

I enrolled the help of two other members of the editorial team to put them to the test and to see if they really lived up to the "airbrush" hype. Did they stay put? Did they leave lines? Could I survive a workout in them? Below, our three proverbial guinea pigs (myself included) share our honest review of the underwear, so read on to check it all out and to shop the underwear along with similar styles.

"I tried both the thong and the cheeky versions, and they both passed the most important underwear test: I forgot I was wearing them. They were comfortable and easy to wear under anything and didn't result in dreaded VPL. What more could you ask for?" — Erin Fitzpatrick, senior news editor

"For me, the moment of truth comes when I put on a pair of leggings. My goal is to avoid VPL at all costs, and with these, everything was perfectly smooth and seamless. For wearing under sheer items, I hope that the brand includes a wider range of nudes because while the nude shade worked relatively well for my skin tone, it wouldn't work for everyone." — Aemilia Madden, editor

"Like the name promises, these look completely invisible under clothing. That's the most important part, and it 100% fulfilled. I do wish there was a little more stretch in them, but that's likely just me!" — Kat Collings, editor in chief

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