Lauren Conrad Says These Are the Shoes Every 30-Something Needs

Photo: Rex Features

As a 31-year-old herself, and as a designer of two fashion lines, Lauren Conrad knows a thing or two about what women need in their wardrobes post-age 30. Which is why it’s worth taking note of her latest post on her namesake website: The Staples Every 30-Year-Old Needs in Her Wardrobe. In the post, Conrad divulges “Gone are the days of impulse buys and trend-driven wardrobes. I’ve come to realize that a well-stocked closet means quality over quantity, and finding pieces that will last the test of time.”

We completely agree that there are certain classics that are worth investing in by age 30, especially in the footwear department. The shoe style that Conrad thinks every 30-something should have is a pair of ballet flats, which she justifies by saying “Not only are they chic and comfy, but they’ll complement just about anything.” We 100% concur. To round out the list, Conrad advises well-fitting jeans, a blazer, a black-tie dress, tailored black pants, a really good bra, an everyday bag, a chic sunhat, a workout uniform, and a leather jacket.

Head over to Lauren Conrad to see what she has to say about the 10 items every woman needs by age 30, and shop some of our favorite ballet flats below!