This $35 Item Will Make You Look Like an It Girl This Summer 

If there’s any one person whose summer style we’d love to emulate this season, we’d by lying if we didn’t call out Kendall Jenner. Let’s be real: The yacht-dwelling, always polished model can’t help but exude the effortlessly cool look we all love (and strive for) in any season and seems to get chicer and chicer with each one, pairing unexpected pieces and styling items in ways we would have never dreamed.

As such, you can imagine the internal (and maybe external) jump for joy we partook in when we noticed her in Cannes recently in a printed, ruffled, belted romper—much like the one we designed for our very own collection at Target. Slung off the shoulder and paired with sleek sunglasses, a light-colored “beach” bag, and white sneakers (each of which, you’ll soon see, can be emulated for less than $100), the style setter made it clear that whether on or off the sand, the romper is definitely this season’s standout piece. All you need is a dip of the sleeve and you’re ready to go.

See her look below and then shop our very own Belted Ruffle Romper ($35), plus the other three pieces you’ll need to get her whole outfit.